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Searching by hash and by magnet-link

Searching by urn:sha1:

If you want to search a file by its SHA1 hash, just enter it into the search box and press enter, gtk-gnutella-0.91.tar.gz for example has urn:sha1:3OYPL2DQ3C6VFCWZZCB3GAZGBEQVIPSO
If you want to find out the SHA1 of one of the files you are sharing, try to use something like:

  $ cat ~/.gtk-gnutella/sha1_cache | grep gtk-gnutella-0.91.tar.gz
  3OYPL2DQ3C6VFCWZZCB3GAZGBEQVIPSO   649623  1037522542  /my/shared/files/gtk-gnutella-0.91.tar.gz

The bold thing is the encoded sha1 hash of that file. Now to search for it, just put urn:sha1: in front of it and let it go.
There are additional methods of getting a SHA1. Just look into our tools directory.

Searching by magnet: link

Searching by magnet link is currently not completely supported (you can't click on a link from a browser) but you can copy and paste the link into the search field of gtk-gnutella and it will open a new search for that file.

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