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Current version: 1.1.13


Mailing Lists

The mailing lists are the most reliable and often the quickest way to get help with gtk-gnutella. Don't hesitate to mail us if you have any gtk-gnutella related questions! Other users and developers will try to help you. Please, subscribe to a mailing list before posting because non-subscribers are moderated to prevent spam. Just click on the links to subscribe or unsubscribe.

gtk-gnutella-users Main list for Gtk-Gntuella users ( archives )
gtk-gnutella-devel If you're interested in contributing to gtk-gnutella ( archives )
gtk-gnutella-announce For release announcements only ( archives )
gtk-gnutella-cvs For way too much information on SVN commits.

IRC Chat

On the freenode network (formerly Open Projects Network / OPN) we meet in the channel #gtk-gnutella at You can also read past discussions in the public IRC log archive. There's always someone there, but not always someone who knows the answer to your question. You need an IRC client like xchat to visit the channel. Though, if you don't get any reaction in time, consider sending a mail to one of the mailing lists.


The Bug Tracker and Feature Requests are available on SourceForge, but you will most likely get a better response on the mailing lists or IRC. There is also a bug report howto. Logo   Glade   RSS Feed Available   Ohloh Metrics   Coverity Scan Build Status   gtk-gnutella at GitHub  
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