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upload_stats.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Keep track of which files we send away, and how often.

Statistics are kept by _FILENAME_ and file size, not by actual path, so two files with the same name and size will be counted in the same bin. I dont see this as a limitation because the user wouldn't be able to differentiate the files anyway.

This could be extended to keep the entire path to each file and optionally show the entire path, but..

The 'upload_history' file has the following format:

TODO: Add a check to make sure that all of the files still exist(?) grey them out if they dont, optionally remove them from the stats list (when 'Clear Non-existant Files' is clicked).
Raphael Manfredi
Michael Tesch
Released with gtk-gnutella & its license

#include "gtk/gui.h"
#include "gtk/upload_stats.h"
#include "gtk/columns.h"
#include "lib/misc.h"
#include "lib/glib-missing.h"
#include "lib/override.h"


 RCSID ("$Id:upload_stats.c, v 1.5 2005/06/29 14:24:28 daichik Exp $")
gint ul_find_row_by_upload (const gchar *name, guint64 size, struct ul_stats **s)
 This is me, dreaming of gtk 2.0...

void upload_stats_gui_init (void)
void upload_stats_gui_shutdown (void)
void upload_stats_gui_add (struct ul_stats *s)
void upload_stats_gui_update (const gchar *name, guint64 size)
 Called when a row of the upload stats should be updated.

void upload_stats_gui_clear_all (void)


gint ul_rows = 0

Function Documentation

RCSID "$Id:upload_stats.  c,
v 1.5 2005/06/29 14:24:28 daichik Exp $" 

gint ul_find_row_by_upload const gchar *  name,
guint64  size,
struct ul_stats **  s

This is me, dreaming of gtk 2.0...

void upload_stats_gui_add struct ul_stats s  ) 

void upload_stats_gui_clear_all void   ) 

void upload_stats_gui_init void   ) 

void upload_stats_gui_shutdown void   ) 

void upload_stats_gui_update const gchar *  name,
guint64  size

Called when a row of the upload stats should be updated.

Variable Documentation

gint ul_rows = 0 [static]

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