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c2ui.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Interface core -> UI.

At this point the interface basically redirects function calls from the ui to the core and vice-versa.

Emile Roberts

#include "c2ui.h"




void gcu_uploads_gui_set_gnet_addr (gnet_upload_t u, host_addr_t addr, guint16 port)
void gcu_download_enable_start_now (guint32 running_downloads, guint32 max_downloads)
void gcu_gui_update_download (download_t *d, gboolean force)
void gcu_gui_update_download_server (struct download *d)
void gcu_gui_update_download_range (struct download *d)
void gcu_gui_update_download_size (struct download *d)
void gcu_gui_update_download_host (struct download *d)
void gcu_gui_update_download_abort_resume (void)
void gcu_gui_update_download_clear (void)
void gcu_gui_update_download_clear_now (void)
void gcu_gui_update_queue_frozen (void)
void gcu_download_gui_add (struct download *d)
void gcu_download_gui_remove (struct download *d)
void gcu_gui_update_files_scanned (void)

void guc_allow_rescan_dir (gboolean flag)
gint gcu_gtk_main_flush (void)
gboolean gcu_search_gui_new_search (const gchar *query, flag_t flags)
 search interface functions

void gcu_upload_stats_gui_add (struct ul_stats *stat)
void gcu_upload_stats_gui_update (const gchar *name, guint64 size)
void gcu_upload_stats_gui_clear_all (void)
void gcu_bitzi_result (bitzi_data_t *bitzi_data)
 bitzi results

void gcu_statusbar_warning (const gchar *message)
void gcu_statusbar_message (const gchar *message)

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Function Documentation

void gcu_bitzi_result bitzi_data_t bitzi_data  ) 

bitzi results

If the IPC split goes ahead then the data will need to be copied across. For the time being we just pass the pointer.

void gcu_download_enable_start_now guint32  running_downloads,
guint32  max_downloads

void gcu_download_gui_add struct download d  ) 

void gcu_download_gui_remove struct download d  ) 

gint gcu_gtk_main_flush void   ) 

void gcu_gui_update_download download_t d,
gboolean  force

void gcu_gui_update_download_abort_resume void   ) 

void gcu_gui_update_download_clear void   ) 

void gcu_gui_update_download_clear_now void   ) 

void gcu_gui_update_download_host struct download d  ) 

void gcu_gui_update_download_range struct download d  ) 

void gcu_gui_update_download_server struct download d  ) 

void gcu_gui_update_download_size struct download d  ) 

void gcu_gui_update_files_scanned void   ) 


interface functions (CORE -> UI)

void gcu_gui_update_queue_frozen void   ) 

gboolean gcu_search_gui_new_search const gchar *  query,
flag_t  flags

search interface functions

void gcu_statusbar_message const gchar *  message  ) 

void gcu_statusbar_warning const gchar *  message  ) 

void gcu_upload_stats_gui_add struct ul_stats stat  ) 

void gcu_upload_stats_gui_clear_all void   ) 

void gcu_upload_stats_gui_update const gchar *  name,
guint64  size

void gcu_uploads_gui_set_gnet_addr gnet_upload_t  u,
host_addr_t  addr,
guint16  port

void guc_allow_rescan_dir gboolean  flag  ) 

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